Conditions Of Use

The Bridle Way has been developed by Beara Tourism on behalf of the local community who welcome all considerate users who are in compliance with the Conditions of Use. The trail follows both public and private tracks and the Bridle Way is only possible because of the kind permission of several private landowners.

1. To ride on the Bridle Way you MUST become a member of the Beara Bridle Way and sign The Beara Bridle Way membership agreement.

2. Membership of The Bridle Way is only open to riders that have an approved insurance policy for their horse and rider.  Please check with your insurer about your policy.

3. Members of The Bridle Way must adhere to the Code of Conduct of the membership agreement which should be read carefully and which includes: 

 a. Members must wear a properly fitted riding hat to a current    approved standard and appropriate riding boots.

 b. The Bridle Way can be used during daylight hours only.

 c. Taking due care with other pedestrian users, livestock and    vehicles.

 d. Yielding at all times to pedestrians on the Bridle Way. 

 e. Taking the usual safety precautions with equipment, tack, first aid   and care for both rider and horse including the carrying of equine   shoes. 

 f. Obeying the country code and adhering to the marked route.

 g. Members under 16 years of age must ride the Bridle Way with an   adult member.

 h. Absolutely no dogs are permitted on those sections of the Bridle   Way on private land. 

4. It is also recommended that trail users ride at a pace appropriate to the level of experience of both the rider and the horse.

​5. No riding stable can charge in any way to hire a horse or guide  riders on the Beara bridle way. It must be free to use under the Beara  Bridle way  insurance policy and to protect farmers rights.

​To ride on the Beara  Bridle way,  riders must have  Personal Accident and Public Liability insurance cover, with  an  approved insurance body . We recommend you  to check out Horse Sport Ireland insurance:

If you wish to ride on the Beara Bridle Way please fill out our booking form below:

Conditions of use

There is NO FEE for booking the Beara Bridle Trail however donations are gratefully accepted. To make a donation simply click here

Beara Bridle Way